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Schizoid, the most co-op game ever, is available now on Xbox Live Arcade.  One week only!  50% off!  Only 400 Microsoft Points!

Schizoid is an action-arcade game with two player ships, colored red and blue.  Each ship can ram and destroy enemies of its color - but each ship gets destroyed by enemies of the other color.
Both ships work together to ram and destroy enemies, and to protect each other until the level is clear and you can both exhale.  Two-player co-op on the same Xbox 360, or on Xbox Live.  One-player with an AI bot for your partner, or try the hardcore one-player 'Uberschizoid' mode where you control both ships with the two thumbsticks.

Critical Reception

PAX 10 award, and two nominations in the Xbox Live Arcade 2008 awards.

Clever, captivating, and fun - IGN / An entertaining thrill ride of an experience - TeamXbox

As pure a game as you'll find, Schizoid is the next Geometry Wars - Games Master UK

Hours of multiplayer fun - GameSpot / Diabolically addictive - JeuxVideo

Full of fantastic ideas - Eurogamer / An incredibly rewarding experience - Planet Xbox 360
Now you can click here to command your Xbox 360 to download the free trial of Schizoid next time you turn it on!

Rated E for Everyone